New Creations Studio

Master Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Artist

Project Overview:

New Creations Studio, led by dedicated and remarkable owners Jose Hernandez and Scarlett Salas, embarked on a mission to establish itself as a market authority in the Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. The project involved creating a distinctive online presence and website to showcase their SMP services, cater to their target audience, and set them apart from competitors.

Project Gem: The Barbering Version Switch:

The standout feature of this project, driven by the dedication and vision of Jose Hernandez and Scarlett Salas, is the ability for users to switch between the SMP and barbering versions of the site with a single click. This feature allows New Creations Studio, under the guidance of its visionary owners, to showcase not only their SMP services but also their barbering skills. It effectively targets a broader audience and caters to individuals seeking both services, establishing the client as a versatile and comprehensive beauty solution provider.

Client Goals and Objectives:

The primary goal of New Creations Studio, helmed by the passionate and highly skilled duo of Jose Hernandez and Scarlett Salas, was to create a visually appealing website that effectively communicated their SMP services and positioned them as trusted experts in the field. The client aimed to differentiate themselves from other SMP providers in the DFW area and wanted to highlight the expertise of their founder, Jose Hernandez. Additionally, the website needed to provide information about the SMP process, build trust with potential clients, and drive conversions.

Results and Impact:

The project, guided by the unwavering dedication and talent of owners Jose Hernandez and Scarlett Salas, resulted in a highly successful online platform that has helped New Creations Studio establish itself as the leading SMP provider in the DFW area. The website, a testament to the exceptional commitment of the owners, effectively communicates their SMP services, showcases their work, and highlights Jose Hernandez's expertise. The unique feature that allows users to switch to a barbering version of the site has further solidified their market authority in both SMP and barbering. The site has witnessed increased conversions and engagement from visitors.

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